Englisch – The Hidden Gender

Our film „The hidden gender“  is a 35mm documentary on Intersex.
There also exists a possibility to get it on video. Right now there
doesn`t exist a english version. But we would like to produce one with
subtitles. If you are interested in the film (it lasts 60 minutes) do not
hesitate to contact us: mailto:  oliver@tolmein.de

Das verordnete Geschlecht (The Hidden Gender)

Intersexuality – for doctors it is a syndrome they want to treat. For
intersexuals themselves it is their identity they are not allowed to
develop. One out of 2000 children is born without being clearly male or
female – but still being an intersexual or hermaphrodite means living in a
twilight zone: Western societies only acknowledge two sexes and genders. In
“Das verordnete Geschlecht” (The Hidden Gender) Michel Reiter, who was
treated to be a girl, and Elisabeth Mueller, who genetically is a man, tell
their story. They experienced, as other hermaphrodites do, troublesome
operations, and had to live for years with the traumatizing feeling that
something with themselves is terribly wrong, but it was a taboo to speak
about it. Today Michel Reiter and Elisabeth Mueller have come out as
hermaphrodites. Michel Reiter has filed a lawsuit because he wants to be
acknowledged by the authorities as an intersexual. Elisabeth Mueller now is
a choirmaster in a church and sings as a soprano in the opera. In contrast
to the story of these protagonists are interviews with lawyers, doctors and
parents of intersexual children, who believe that it is in the best interest
of the children to treat the syndrome because without treatment the children
will grow up as outsiders. “Das verordnete Geschlecht” is a documentary film
about sex and body politics. It shows the force of normality and the
importance of accepting difference.